The first annual Northway Pro Am

September 11th marked the launch of our first annual pro am, we launched the event to build a bridge across generations and provide the next generation of Canadian basketball players with resources, mentorship and exposure. The event was a success. The pro am featured some of the best talent from the greater Toronto area and was nothing short of competitive. 


Jemol Edwards

Height: 6’0

Position: Point guard

Player Comparison: Lou Williams

Two Time OCAA champion Jemol Edwards was great all weekend; displaying his ability to pick up the ball full court, knock down threes from distance and get to the rim and playmake for himself and others. He recently graduated from Sheridan College, a historically dominant college, playing under legendary coach Jim Flack. Given the chance, Jemol will be a great addition to any team overseas or in the NBLC. 

He is a leader, an energizer and a great team player, he will fit right into any team that is looking to continue to build a winning program. 

# 10

Malcolm Glanville


Position: Point guard

Player Comparison: Josh Hart

The University of Guelph sophomore guard was fresh off of a season where he averaged seventeen and a half points and five and a half rebounds. Glanville, is a big guard, he is athletic, strong and gets to the basket well off of the bounce. His offensive game resembles that of Malcolm Brogdan, playing at his own pace, picking and choosing his spots and hitting open threes. Glanville was one of the youngest players in the pro am and did very well given his age and experience. Glanville has the potential to be an exceptional pro, in order for him to be elite, he must become a great shooter, improve his handle, consistently lock up on the defensive end and excel in pick and roll. 

With that said, Glanville is poised to have a big year for the Guelph Gryphons, be sure to be on the look out for this young and talented guard. 


Darnell Landon

Height: 6’4 

Player Comparison: Danny Green

Position: Combo guard

Darnell Landon is a professional, despite his stats in the National basketball league of Canada, given the opportunity, Darnell Landon would be a great pro overseas. His shot making ability and decision making were on full display all weekend, he knocks down shots at a high clip, he is a capable defender, a good pick and roll ball handler and can run your team.

#8 Devontae Campbell

Age: 25

Position: Forward

Player Comparison: Taurean Prince

The three time America east all-defensive team member showcased his ability to lock up all weekend. He is a knock down shooter shooting 37% from deep as a senior at U-Albany. He showcased more of his ability to knock down 3’s this past weekend and his improved offensive repertoire with his ability to attack close outs, get to the rim and make plays for himself and others.

Campbell is a high character player who will improve any team his apart of, whether it be on or off of the court. He will definitely have a long career as a pro, he is a hard worker and is a steal for any team looking to improve their roster.


N’kosi Kedar Selam

Height: 6’3


Position: Point Guard

Player Comparison: Keyon Dooling

N’Kosi Kedar is a 6’3 wiry guard who is a fierce competitor, intelligent, has a great work ethic and he is coachable. Kedar Plays with great pace, he is strong, he is a good shooter and uses his athleticism to defend at a high level. He is a Swiss army knife, a capable scorer and able to guard multiple positions. 

Given the right opportunity, Kedar has a lot of potential to be a high level pro, he is a high character athlete, works hard and uses his kinesiology degree to take great care of his body. 


Lewis Franque Jr

Age: 25

Height: 6’7

Position: Forward

Player Comparison: Rhondae- Hollis Jefferson, Kenneth Faried 

Lewis Franque Jr, the 6 ‘7 versatile forward just signed with the reading rockets in the British basketball league. Lewis has flown under the radar for a while, tough is an understatement, he has absolutely no fear and backs down from nobody. The 6’7 forward is only scratching the surface of his potential,  he dominates games with his motor and 7’3 wingspan. He has the ability to play really well in pick and roll and and uses his great touch around the rim to finish virtually everything around the rim against bigger defenders. 

He is a versatile defender who can switch out onto smaller defenders in pick and roll, he is a good rebounder and good shot blocker. Lewis recently caught the eye of a couple G-leauge scouts, they were really impressed with his versatility and motor, so do not be surprised if you see him in the G-leauge. 

With that said, he is a bonafide professional with a bright future.


Raheem Williams

Age: 27

Position: Guard/forward 

Height: 6’6

Player Comparison: Avery Bradley/Tony Allen

Raheem Williams is a freak athlete with a 41 inch vertical, a 6’9 wing span and moves extremely well on his feet in any direction. He has the potential to be a great defender, I compared him to Avery Bradley due to the fact that he moves really well and he is quick on his feet. The Tony Allen comparison comes from his toughness and fearless attitude on the defensive end. He also rebounds at a high level and uses his athleticism to finish well in transition above and around the rim. His shooting mechanics need work, his form isn’t  bad but, he has a major hitch in his shot that effects his ability to shoot the ball well. 

However, given the right attention, it can he can become a great catch and shoot shooter, Despite his shooting deficiency and ball handling ability, the Stockton Kings and Santa Cruz Warriors had him in for workouts this year. With that said, Williams is definitely a pro, and has the potential to have a long pro career. 


Malcolm Duvivier

Age: 26

Position: Point Guard

Height: 6’1

Player Comparison: Derrick Rose/ Chauncey Billups

Duviver is a power point guard, he uses his strength and quickness mixed with a great handle and great change of pace to get to the rim whenever he wants. He is an improving playmaker, he can shoot the ball well and is a tough defender. His biggest strengths are his ability to get in the paint, change of pace and ability to get to the line. 

He has the potential to be a high level pro, the type of athleticism he has at his size cannot be taught, his game was on full display in this summers Canadian elite basketball league. Hitting big shots and making big plays for himself and others. Maclom, has the chance to be a great pro at the next level.


Shaquille Keith

Height: 6’5

Player Comparison: Joe Johnson

The 6’5 power guard Shaquille Keith, has been showcasing talent in the greater Toronto area for years now, the first annual northway pro am was nothing short of that, he performed at a high level scoring 25 points quickly and efficiently, using his jump shot, tight handle and strength to get wherever he wanted on the court. He is great off the dribble, he finishes really well around the rim, scores the ball efficiently and makes plays for others. 

Keith is definitely a G-leauge talent, the only thing that has been holding him back from making the jump to the NBA is himself. He is an elite talent, and can be an asset for teams at the next level. 

# 2

Devin Johnson

Height: 6’5

Player Comparison: Gary Neal

Devin Johnson is a winner, the Eurasian player of the year was easily one of the best prospects there. He showcased his ability to shoot the ball at an extremely high clip as a three level scorer & makes his team better by keeping his team involved while getting his own points. 

Most of all, he is a high character player and a winner, he can make shots with or without contact and minimal space. He also is a great playmaker out of the pick and roll and driving close outs. He is definitely a high level talent and would excel in the G-leauge and should definitely get a shot to compete for a spot on an NBA roster. He does not need the ball to score or effect the game, he moves really well without the ball and will fit in wherever you need him at the next level.

If you are looking for a high character talent who is a great fit in for your organization on and off of the court, Devin Johnson is your guy. 


Eugene Omorayi

Height: 6’6

Age: 23

Player Comparison: Draymond Green

The Oregan duck is a legitimate pro. He is a 6’6 power forward who can push the ball in transition, attack close outs and uses his length to rebound at a high clip and keep players I front of him. Omorayi is a dynamic roller and finishes almost everything at the rim, around or through his defenders. What stands out the most about him is his versatility, he has the ability to defend multiple positions, he has the potential to be a great defender at the next level. He has great shooting mechanics but definitely needs to improve his shooting, with more reps and confidence in his shot,  he can become a knock down shooter. 

It is no surprise that he is projected to go in next years draft, he will be a great prospect who brings toughness, a great work ethic and heart. His heart, length and work ethic will make up for any size he may give up at the power forward position and allow him to excel as a pro.

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